Love lost

When someone you love dies you feel like your world has come to an end. You feel like your purpose and sense of self worth are gone. You feel like you’ll never sleep again and yet you only want to stay in bed. The people that love you, worry for you and fear you’ll do yourself in. All sense of reasoning disappears and you find yourself submerged into making decisions you never wanted to face. You feel empty inside and all you want is to be with, see, hold that person again. But somehow you make it through that devastating first shock. While you feel helpless, God sends someone or something in your direction that needs you as much as you need them. God finds a way of filling the void even if your afraid for that void to go away. Because of the void is filled you begin to fear your love for that person will disappear too. But it doesn’t. Love is love and lingers on through through all the pain and distance. It never ends and actually grows stronger. Moving on does not mean letting go of what you had, but it means you’re ready to live again, to remember the best times and know in your heart that there is a purpose for everything.